Resilience Workshops for Children and Teens


Building Resilience in Community Organisations

The Resilience Doughnut provides a powerful, yet easy to use, tool for children, adolescents and adults with a solution focused, strengths-based practice at its core. Communities with a positive climate practice a whole-community approach to the development of wellbeing and emotional resilience, which involves everyone in their natural interactions each day. This is what we help you to achieve.​ The Resilience Doughnut is groundbreaking in its approach by impacting on the whole community. Everyone takes the same approach and the same message, providing a community able to foster resilient individuals.​​

If you are involved with a community group, or would like to develop resilience within your community, explore the links below to find out how we can help.

Resilience Training for Adults Working with Children and Teens


Resilient Kids and Teens

Resilience is at the heart of child and adolescent wellbeing, success and long term mental health, as they navigate their way through childhood, adolescence and into adulthood. By providing strategies to help children and adolescents with life's challenges and times of change, you enable them to survive and thrive.


Through the Resilience Doughnut, this practical workshop provides the opportunity for up to 30 children or adolescents from 8 to 18 years old to understand what helps them cope, thrive and flourish during the life's inevitable ups and downs.


All workshops are tailored to age and life stage of the participants as well as the context of their setting. There is also the opportunity for a highly tailored workshop for smaller groups, experiencing one or more specific challenges or life transitions.

Bright Thinking

Bright Thinking is a fun, engaging and practical 6 week programme for children whose anxiety fuels their negative thinking. Developed over 12 years ago at The Resilience Centre in Australia and delivered successfully over 50 times, the programme demonstrates a significant reduction in children’s anxiety and a dramatic increase in their social and personal competence.


Bright Thinking is a strengths-based programme. Rather than a focus on the child’s anxiety or worry thoughts, it encourages a focus on what’s working! 


Throughout the programme, children recognise pessimistic and optimistic thinking, while giving them the solution focused skills to get from one type of thinking to another.

Child & Adolescent Resilience - Foundation Training

This practical foundation training will provide you and your whole team with an understanding of how we build the resilience of children and adolescentsand, through the application of The Resilience Doughnut, a practical tool to apply immediately through your interactions with them.  

Bright Thinking Training

This training provides an opportunity to gain strategies for working with children whose anxiety fuels their negative thinking. It explores the key aspects of resilient thinking, practical ways we can foster optimism in children, the use of solution focused and strengths-based language in assisting children to face difficulties and challenges and a full walk-through of the Bright Thinking programme and materials.