Resilience for Parents and Families

Is your child struggling with anxiety?


We offer help through our successful Bright Thinking programme which develops positive thinking skills using a strengths-based approach.


It's ideal for children aged 8 to 12/13 years and the sessions are fun, practical and engaging.  

Groups are small (maximum 10 children) and parents/carers are included throughout the process.


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Do you want to find out about raising resilient kids and teens?

We offer parent workshops to help you to help your children learn to cope, thrive and flourish.  

Our core modules:

Introducing Resilience 

The Resilience Doughnut - Practical Application

Resilient Thinking 


Our additional modules:

Strengths Parenting - Changing Our Perspective 

Building Strengths​

Attention, Savouring and Gratitude


Resilience-building Conversations - Changing Perspective

Resilience-building Conversations - Better Outcomes

Discipline for social success. 

Compassion, Empathy and Kindness

Being Mindful 

Social Media 

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