About Me

My name is Suzanne.  With over 18 years in education working to senior level, and 10 years in ICT project management in the logistics sector, I've built up a wealth of skills and experience to offer a range of services to the education and training sectors.

I live near Dorchester, Dorset with my husband, 2 daughters, 2 rescue cats called Amber and Archie, and now 4 rescue chickens.  In my spare time I enjoy horse-riding and running, and I'm working on my first collection of poems.

Recognised for my emotional intelligence and passion for developing holistic skills in young people, I became increasingly frustrated and sad that many young people don't have the resilience to cope with difficulties they encounter, and when help arrives it's often too late.  In 2019 I undertook some further training and became a licensed trainer for The Resilience Doughnut.  I am now developing my own model for supporting young people in these difficult times.  

I believe that prevention is better than cure, and am striving to offer a service which is solution-focused and strengths-based, rather than a sticking plaster to use when things aren't working out.

I decided to launch Learn2Flourish to share my experience in education to give young people the tools they need to cope, thrive and flourish when faced with life's inevitable ups and downs.  I want to help schools and communities develop a culture of resilience having a positive impact on child and adolescent mental health.  

Using my experience as a senior leader in a secondary school, a passion for IT, and corporate experience, I am also available for educational / edtech consultancy.  I am currently working with a Dorset-based company to help them develop and deliver an exciting new educational software solution... watch this space!

I have worked with the BCS (the Chartered Institute for IT) as the CAS Community Outreach Manager for the South West.  In this role I supported and developed communities of practice for computing teachers so that young people can access the very best of computing education.  I was recently awarded MBCS in recognition of my experience in computing and education throughout my career.

If you would like me to assist you with your latest project or support young people you work with, please contact me for further information.