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"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the fantastic teaching you gave R. He was so pleased with his grade 5 and now has what he needs for the Navy. I'm sure that he also now has more confidence in his own abilities."

Tim and Lisa, Parents, Dorchester, Dorset

“I'd like to thank you for all the help with maths - I managed to get a 5!"

Student, Dorchester, Dorset

Laptop and Notebook

Maths and ICT Tuition in Dorset

Developing skills and confidence in maths or use of ICT for school, exams, work and life.

Need help with your Maths skills, revision or homework?  Are you anxious about your Maths exams?

Struggling to put a presentation or spreadsheet together for a project?  Has someone sent you an Excel file that you need to work with?

Would you like to be able to use Microsoft Office products more professionally and efficiently?

I can offer maths and ICT tuition to meet your needs, either online or face-to-face.

I have over 18 years experience in education, teaching ICT and leading Maths to GCSE level, and training and using ICT and systems professionally for over 25 years, both in education and corporate settings.

I also have enhanced DBS and I'm a qualified teacher.

GCSE Maths Tuition Booster Group

This academic year, 2023-24, I am offering GCSE maths revision/booster sessions for students in years 9-11.

Each session will have a topic focus, or your child can use the session to get help with homework/revision.  

Suitable for Foundation tier or those wishing to consolidate their skills for Higher tier. 

Location: Tolpuddle, near Dorchester, DT2 7ES.

Times: Saturdays, 10:15-11:45

Cost:  £25 per child per pre-booked session (see below for dates).

For every 5 sessions attended, receive a free assessment with personalised feedback.

Maximum 8 students per group.

(Sessions are subject to minimum number of bookings).

Download a booking form to request a place on the sessions

Block 1: 23rd September - 21st October 2023

In this 5-week block we will focus on:

  • Decimals & Rounding 

  • Types of number: multiples and powers, negatives, primes, factors

  • Calculator skills

  • Introduction to Algebra

  • Solving Equations

  • Properties of Shapes

  • Angles in Polygons

  • Averages

  • Charts and Graphs

Block 2: 4th November -- 2nd December 2023*
*2nd December will be 9:45 - 11:15

In this 5-week block we will focus on:

  • Highest Common Factor & Lowest Common Multiple

  • Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

  • Inequalities & Changing the subject of a formula

  • Plotting lines and curves

  • Angle facts

  • Area and Perimeter

  • Area and Circumference of circles

  • Pythagoras

  • Trigonometry 1

Block 3: 6th January - 3rd February 2024

In this 5-week block we can focus on:

  • Ratio & Proportion 

  • Sequences

  • Expanding Double Brackets

  • Simultaneous Equations and Error Intervals

  • Conversion Rates

  • Compound Measures

  • Volume

  • Transformations

Block 4: 24th February - 23rd March 2024*
*There will be no session on 2nd March

In this block we can focus on:

  • Indices

  • Standard form

  • Surface area, plans and elevations

  • Constructions and Loci

  • Trigonometry 2 & Bearings

  • Probability

  • Venn Diagrams

  • Tree diagrams & Two-way Tables

Block 5: 27th April - 1st June 2024*
*No session on 25th May

This block is all about revision and exam practice.  We will work on a mix of problems in the first 2 weeks.  We will then focus on exam skills and complete a set of past exam papers. 

  • Exam skills

  • Selecting tools for the problem

  • Problem solving

  • Exam practice, including getting to know a mark scheme

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