Resilient Kids and Teens

What is it?

Resilience is at the heart of child and adolescent wellbeing, success and long term mental health, as they navigate their way through childhood, adolescence and into adulthood. By providing strategies to help children and adolescents with life's challenges and times of change, you enable them to survive and thrive. Through the Resilience Doughnut, this practical workshop provides the opportunity for up to 30 children or adolescents from 8 to 18 years old to understand what helps them cope, thrive and flourish during life's inevitable ups and downs. All workshops are tailored to age and life stage of the participants as well as the context of their setting. There is also the opportunity for a highly tailored workshop for smaller groups, experiencing one or more specific challenges or life transitions.

Who is it for?

This workshop can be run for up to 30 participants aged 8 to 18 years.

What are the options?

This workshop offers flexibility in content and delivery, to meet the needs of your school or college.


  • There are a range of core and optional modules to tailor this workshop (scroll down for further details).

  • You can run optional modules on the same day as your core module or on a different day.

  • We can run consecutive workshops on the same day.

Resilient Teens

Length of session:  2 hours

This module provides the opportunity for participants to get hands on with The Resilience Doughnut as they explore the model through the life of Sam, before applying to themselves. Through the application of The Resilience Doughnut, they recognise their own strongest factors and explore how they build their sense of I Have, I Am and I Can - the core of their resilience. With this new understanding, they then explore how this is helpful to them during life's ups and downs.

You could opt to run this workshop as 2 x 1 hour sessions with a short break in the middle.

Optional Modules

Choose an optional module for younger groups from the following:

Thought Catching

1 hour (8 -12 years)

This module explores, in more depth, the connection between resilience and our thinking and helps participants become 'thought catchers' and, as a result, more self-aware of their helpful and unhelpful thinking habits. Participants are also introduced to the simple thoughts-feelings-behaviour model as a way to understand the power of our thinking. Through a range of age-relevant scenarios, participants will explore the common pessimistic thinking traps and learn some simple strategies to develop more resilient thinking habits in themselves and their friends.​

For children aged 8 - 12 years whose anxiety fuels their negative thinking you may like to consider our Bright Thinking programme or training.

Strengths Spotting

1 hour (8 -12 years) 

This modules provides participants with the opportunity to recognise and explore their own personal strengths and the personal strengths of those around them. They are introduced to the idea of strengths spotting as they explore how, spotting, knowing and activating our strengths can have a positive impact on our lives.

For those aged 10 years upwards, this module requires completion of a short online questionnaire in advance.

Did you know?

You can run these optional modules on the same day as your core module or, if you don't have time, choose to run them on a different day.


“It made me realise what I have, what I am and what I can do."

Year 8 student

“I learnt a lot about me.  Thank you very much"

Year 8 student

“Talking about my own resilience made me think about my surroundings."

Year 10 student

“We had some interesting discussions! It made me realise how grateful I am for what I have."

Year 10 student

Reduced pricing - for schools, public and third sector organisations*

Core Module (Standard): £395

  • Plus 1 Optional Module: £525

  • Plus 2 Optional Modules: £600

Price for up to 30 participants.

At-cost travel and accommodation applies.

Prices correct at 01/06/2022 and are subject to change.

*Exceptions apply. - Please contact us for eligibility.

School and College Offers

Multi-School Booking

For school clusters, MATs, TSAs and LAs making block bookings. - Multiple sessions across single or multiple sites on multiple days.

Multi-School Shared Booking

For school clusters, MATs, TSAs and LAs sharing a single session. For 2 or 3 schools, save up to 50% per school and for 4+ schools, Save up to 90% per school.

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